ProduceNetTV -- Neon Cornfield:

Neon Cornfield
A Midwestern farm family discovers that they can survive the current economic downturn by producing Internet pornography in their barn. (Note: The viewing audience never sees the pornography.) Ironically, most of the conservative residents in the nearby town just turn the other "cheek" with regards to all the odd goings-on at the Bartlet family farm. All they know is the Bartlets provide financial support for everything from a new school library to new robes for the church choir and the amusement rides at the county-wide fair every year.

Neon Cornfield is Boogie Nights meets Green Acres and maintains an outrageous comedic feel in the vein of Weeds, Californication, Hung, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. It could easily become one of the most popular series on television. 

A must see for comedy buffs!



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