Projects by ProduceNetTV:

ProduceNetTV has a variety of entertaining and/or informative projects that are on-going or in the works.
Here is a sampling of our creative and high quality shows:

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Fight Frequency
Fight Frequency is a project feature the talents of various Mixed Martial Arts fighters and enthusiasts. This series is produced in conjunction with Indy MMA.
Floyd Reports
Floyd Brown of the Western Center for Journalism report on current events that affect the freedoms of Americans. These episodes are produced remotely in our studios in Indianapolis, while the broadcast content originates live form Seattle.
Life at Speed
Life At Speed is a reality based view off the race circuit featuring the drivers, crews and fans of International Cup Racing. This is an action packed adventure for the participates, as well as the viewers. Be sure to tune into for the upcoming action.
Life Leads Mary
Featuring the many talents of the up and coming superstar Mary Desmond. The series is a cross between a situation comedy and the real life of a 13 year old starlet. This is lots of fun to watch. And Mary composes most of the music.
Last Stand
Last Stand is reality programming at its best. Teenagers in trouble are given a Last Stand to make or break themselves in the wilderness adventure of a life time. If the make it through the ordeal a possibly of imprisonment might be avoided. Some episodes hosted by Payton Zimmerman feature the life of missionaries in Nicaragua.
Neon Cornfield
A Midwestern farm family discovers that they can survive the current economic downturn by producing Internet pornography in their barn. (Note: The viewing audience never sees the pornography.) Ironically, most of the conservative residents in the nearby town just turn the other "cheek" with regards to all the odd goings-on. A must see for comedy buffs!
Randall Terry
Randall Terry takes the stand of resistance in the culture wars. He shows the moral short comings of our laws, actions, politics and the like. While the subject matter is always serious Randall mixes in good doses of humor to break the otherwise overwhelming tension of the day. This series is produced in our Indianapolis studio while the content is created on the road and in studios in the Washington DC area.
WARNING: This above series consists of explicit and hard hitting political views.
Talk to Solomon
The host is Stan Solomon who has been on radio and/or television for decades. His wit and wisdom bring a unique view to what's happening all around us. The Co-Host is former police chief Steve Davis who offers perspectives from a unique perspective.
Regular guests of the series include: Dr. Alan Keyes, Major General Jerry Curry, Larry Pratt, Ted Shoebat, Phyllis Schlafly, Gary Kreep and many featured experts.
Trevor Jackson
Disney superstar Trevor Jackson is featured in this episode showing off his talents as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Trevor Jackson is an American film, television, and theater actor, writer, singer and dancer. He is probably best known for playing Kevin Blake on Syfy original series Eureka, and for playing Kris McDuffy on Disney Channel's hit movie Let It Shine. Other notables appearances include Broadway musical The Lion King, where he played the Young Simba, and television guest star roles on both Cold Case and Harry's Law. In 2012, he won the Young Artist Awards for Best Performance in a TV Series. Keep an eye on this guy!


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